Mastopexy or Breast Lift Surgery

Mastopexia | Lifting de Mama, Levantamento das Mamas, Aumentar Seios The mastopexy or breast lift surgery is indicated for patients who have little or no need for a breast reduction but sagging breasts. This problem occurs when the breasts lose their support and therefore become flaccid.

According to plastic surgeon Guilherme Miranda, the sagging of the breasts is most commonly seen in women who have breastfed, but also can occur naturally with time (natural or physiological sagging – “law of gravity”). Some patients have inherent sagging breasts, due to the genetics.

Patients who have asymmetrical breasts may also benefit from a breast lift surgery. A mastopexy is indicated for patients over 15 years, because this is this age where the breast development reaches its peak.

The breast lift surgery consists in elevating the breast through the removal of excess skin, repositioning (with or without reduction) of the areola and reassembly the tissue in a higher, aesthetically better, position as the predetermined. The lifting of the breasts generates a more youthful and sensual appearance.

Dr. Guilherme Miranda, which serves the neighborhoods of Ipanema and Barra da Tijuca, explains, that if the patient beyond the sagging, has a significant loss of breast volume or just wants to increase the size of the breasts, a breast prosthesis can be used (mastopexy with breast augmentation or prosthesis) to restore lost volume in these cases, enhancing the result.


In mastopexy, the local anesthesia plus sedation, sedation or epidural anesthesia plus general anesthesia can be used.


The scars from a breast lift with or without prosthesis can appear in many forms: Just around the areolas, called “periareolar”, or in association with others like a vertical “I”, or in association with others like a groove-shaped “L” or inverted “T”. The scar around the areola is quite inconspicuous by the transition of the color between the scar and the normal skin. Regardless of the type, all scars are likely to be hidden inside the underwear and are not visible if conventional swimsuits are used.

Length of surgery:

The mastopexy lasts about 3 to 4 hours.


The hospitalization is about 12 to 24 hours.


Usually no pain occurs postoperatively, but if pain occurs, the use of analgesics is recommended and the patient should not move much or make efforts. The stitches will be removed between 7 and 14 days after the surgery. The swelling should disappear within 4 weeks.

In the first six months after the mastopexy, the breasts might be sensitive, which will return gradually to normality. Patients should avoid doing busy activities such as housework and academia. You should not wear a bra with a padding, lace, metal frame or a tight bra.

Recovery time:

The recovery time after mastopexy is on the average 7 days until usual activities without physical exertion can be resumed. The stitches begin to be removed after 15 days. Light physical activities are allowed after 30 days, but without using the arms. Heavy physical exercise, with the use of the arms, are allowed after 60 days.

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