Plastic Surgery Men

The health and well being, as well as our confidence is directly related to the image we have of ourselves. The fact that we are not happy with something in our body should not cause sadness or frustration, even if the problem is inborn, due to age or inactivity. However, if there are resources to minimize it or even fix it, why not take advantage? This doesn’t mean pure vanity, but it means being careful with your self image and your health. Women know this fact very well and have long experience in practicing it. But, this is not exclusive for women and with each passing day, more men are discovering these possibilities, exploring the resources which are available and correcting changes that bother them in their body. And, unlike many men would have imagined, they provide the biggest support.


Statistics indicate that over the past 20 years, the number of men who seek to make a plastic surgery nearly has tripled. Previously, applications were restricted for male in the correction of the size of the nose or of prominent ears. A very different picture unlike today. This success is mainly because of the further clarification that currently exists, leading to the reduction and disappearance of the fear of prejudice. Moreover, the advent of techniques specifically developed for man, and not just adapted from the surgeries performed on women, definitely determined the admission for men.


As an example, the major breakthrough happened in the surgery of baldness, a stigma that affects millions of men worldwide. Today, the procedure is called micro hair transplant, where the person’s own hair is transplanted from a healthy area to the bald area. The result is very smooth and natural. It is not as artificial as in the past. This has been the most popular outpatient male surgery procedure. Recently unknown to the male audience the advent of prosthetic implants for calves and chests also gained prominence. And, not to forget, the liposuction. It is the most commonly performed plastic surgery in the world and also known as a guy thing, increasingly requested by them. The beer belly is a thing of the past! The breaking of taboos involving plastic surgery for men was a great achievement, because it opened the way for them to rediscover their image without losing their masculinity, thus being able to take care of what’s bothering you with security and tranquility..